Rejuvenate your entire body by regenerating 12 vital organs and live to a ripe old age? That is now a real possibility! Even if you are over 70 (and you follow my recommendations precisely...)

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I sincerely hope that you are in the best of health and are able to enjoy each day to the full!

If unfortunately this is not the case and you constantly have health problems and feel old and tired, then I have some good news for you. I'm going to tell you how you can radically change your life!
I'm going to tell you how you can almost completely reverse the ageing processes in just two or three days. What's more, it's very easy to do!

What will this specifically mean for you?

- You will quite simply and effortlessly regain the health and fitness you used to enjoy Ten or even 20 years ago.

- In the process you will automatically increase your life expectancy.

Sounds like a miracle? No, this is a certainty and there is even a chance that you will live to celebrate your 100th birthday!

Incredible? That is exactly what I thought myself about a year ago. At that time, doctors were still convinced that it was almost impossible for anyone to prolong their life without strict dieting and relentless exercising..

Why? Because we always assumed that the main reasons for ageing were utterly outside our
control. But now we have discovered that this is absolutely wrong. Completely wrong!

But now we have discovered that this is absolutely wrong. Completely wrong! A few years ago Swiss doctors began to market special treatments, which at the time were only available to the very rich. These treatments were administered in strict privacy behind closed doors in extremely discreet private clinics.

However, a few months ago all that changed and soon you will have the chance to be one this elite group. Indeed, in future it will not just be the rich and famous who look far younger than their age, who always appear fit and full of life and who do not suffer from age-related complaints! Yes, now you can also enjoy this unimaginable good fortune but only if you read this article very carefully.

Let me explain in more detail. As you'll see, current groundbreaking findings are quite simply astounding.

I'll begin by summarising the worst consequences of ageing:

- Osteoarthritis, cardiovascular diseases, memory loss, sleep disorders, eye problems, hearing problems and general symptoms of fatigue.

We know that most people suffer with these problems from about the age of 50. Maybe you've been affected with some of these as well. Even if these disorders do not hit people all at once, they still lie dormant and catch up with us sooner or later.

At the same time they accelerate our ageing process, which mercilessly punishes us with new complaints as the years go by!

Well, all that's finally a thing of the past!

Now, since we've discovered that by successfully combating the various complaints, not only can we delay the body's ageing process, but actually stop it altogether.

As well as the problems mentioned above, there are, of course, many other complaints that accelerate the ageing process which need to be treated as well, such as the skin, kidneys, libido, liver, intestines and mental performance which cause more problems as we age.

That's why researchers around the world have been working for a number of years to find a global solution, a unique remedy that puts a stop to all age-related problems at a stroke. Just imagine the challenges involved by the first team of researchers to find a solution to the ageing process and if successful would surely be entitled to the Nobel prize!
The main strategy pursued by all the research teams was to investigate free radicals. These constantly attack the cells of our organs, wearing them away and thus causing ageing. Countless age-related conditions are triggered by free radicals!

The aim was to prevent free radicals from entering the body in the first place - which is virtually impossible - or at least to protect our cells from their harmful effects.

And it was this research that ultimately led to success:

The discovery, like so many others, came purely by chance. You may have read about it in the newspapers. No? In that case, does the name Professor Jean-Louis Rey ring a bell? Jean-Louis Rey is a world-renowned biologist who became famous thanks to his current studies on natural antioxidants to delay cell ageing.

He received international awards on a number of occasions (2006 and 2007), because he proved scientifically that life can actually be extended by up to 44%. Not by restricting calorie intake but simply by adopting a diet with a particularly high concentration of extremely powerful free radical scavengers.
One evening in October 2007 while reading an exciting book, Jean-Louis Rey discovered the incredible “medical” story of Jacques Cartier's expedition. This famous explorer set off by sea in 1535 from Saint-Malo in Brittany to reach the banks of the Saint-Laurent river in Canada. By the time they arrived his sailors, were dying or critically ill, but were immediately cured by the mysterious aid of a certain Donnacona, the Indian chief of the neighbouring Iroquois village.

Seeing their dreadful state of health, the Indian chief gave the sailors a concoction made from the bark of the Canadian pine that miraculously cured them within just eight days (see the enclosed document). Jean-Louis Rey was immediately fascinated by this extraordinary story and wanted to find out more about it.

Thanks to a Canadian colleague from Saint Jovite, a small town upstream on the Saint- Laurent river, he was able to obtain a piece of the special pine bark, the same bark that miraculously saved the lives of Jacques Cartier's sailors in 1536.

In February 2008, having carefully analysed and examined this bark sample, Jean-Louis Rey proved to the international scientific community that the newly discovered active agent in pine bark, OPC (oligomeric proanthocyanidin), was the strongest natural antioxidant identified to date, being around 700 times more effective!

But that is just the start. A few months later, the ingenious biologist also proved that OPC not only acts precisely and selectively on the most weakened organs, but also restores the functions of the vital organs whose cells were damaged by the negative effect of free radicals within the first 24 hours. This made it possible to achieve regeneration of the affected organs and complete rejuvenation of the entire body.

I need hardly tell you that this information caused a storm in scientific circles around the world. And that is exactly why our researchers immediately decided to conduct a comprehensive clinical trial: to gain precise knowledge about the therapeutic success that could be achieved with OPC.

Today I can tell you that the results of our clinical trial greatly exceeded expectations:

- After the first 48 hours, the vast majority of the 300 participants declared that their problems with feelings of fatigue, heavy legs, digestive disorders, anxiety, sleep disorders and memory lapses, which had plagued their lives for years, had suddenly disappeared as if by magic.

- After just four days, taking pine bark extract rich in OPC, the overwhelming majority of the participants declared that they felt far less osteoarthritic pain and also had far better sight and hearing.

- After just 14 days, all 300 participants unanimously declared that they enjoyed a fulfilling love life again, had softer skin and felt better in every way!
The results of the clinical trial summarised above, which would have been unthinkable just a few years ago, still raises a fundamental question: how does OPC achieve such overwhelming success in such a short time?

The scientific explanation offered by our research team is as follows: if OPC from pine bark has such powerful antioxidant properties (remember, it is 700 times stronger than any other active agent identified to date), this is because the substance is the only one with a three-phase effect.

This is how it works:

- In phase 1, OPC precisely targets the weakened organs and destroys free radicals.

- In phase 2, OPC eliminates the free radical fragments and purifies the cells.

- In phase 3, OPC stimulates cell function and regenerates the organs.

This triple action, which is truly unique, thus forms the basis of a truly spectacular revival of the entire body, an improvement in general health and unparalleled mental and physical rejuvenation.

More than a thousand doctors and scientists are now convinced that everybody over 50 should regularly take OPC from pine bark. Either daily or at least in the form of regularly repeated treatment courses.

That is why we have developed a capsule called Organov 12 with the very first active agent complex that enables us to administer a course of OPC from pine bark extract. But we still have a problem, and quite a serious one at that:

The special pine (Pinus Strobus) that we use for Organov 12 is a very rare tree. Its bark is particularly precious and therefore extremely expensive. But I am very pleased to tell you that our laboratory has been able to secure an exclusive supply agreement ensuring that we are regularly supplied with pine bark in the UK.

Currently, we have reserved a limited quantity for direct supply to people who urgently need this treatment. This is why we are contacting you and a few other selected people in the UK today.

I recommend that you take advantage of this unique opportunity right away. In order to give you every chance to get your supplynow, we are offering excellent discounts on a first come, first served basis. Simply click one of the red order now buttons on this web page to make your purchase.

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• You can try Organov 12 for free, whatever the length of your course.

If for any reason you are not completely happy with the results you can return even opened packs to us at any time and for whatever reason during your free trial period of 30 days. We will then send you a full refund without quibble or question.

You'll be amazed at the difference Organov 12 will make to your life and you can also look forward to a ripe old age!

As you will see, Organov 12 will radically change your life!

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Organov 12
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